Our Mission

SKLPTD Personal Training Studio is Santa Rosa Beach’s exclusive one-on-one training facility that provides a comprehensive approach to fitness and wellness. We are dedicated to transforming lives and revolutionizing the health and wellness industry by providing unprecedented success through our unique holistic approach to fitness. Holistic personal training focuses on the integration of mind, body, and spirit, in which we aim to achieve overall wellness rather than just physical fitness.

We offer the most knowledgeable and experienced personal trainers that tailor to our clients’ specific needs, utilizing a variety of techniques to help them achieve their fitness goals. These techniques may include strength training, cardio workouts, stretching, yoga, Pilates, mindfulness practices, nutritional coaching, and more. Our trainers will work closely with their clients to understand their individual needs and create a customized plan that addresses their unique goals and challenges.

Here at SKLPTD, we like to address the whole person and not just their physical fitness. This allows us to emphasize the importance of balance and harmony in all aspects of life, promoting long-term health and wellness.


Our Team

Ryan Lambert

About: Ryan has been evolving in the field of human wellness and performance for over 15 years. Originally getting into fitness for health reason, his journey began at 16 years of age, when he was introduced into the health and wellness world through not only fitness, but through holistic wellness as well. This has allowed him to become aware of the remarkable, direct correlation between one’s inner psychology and their physical condition.

After over 15 years of practice, Ryan remains a student first; and continues to seek new ways to positively impact lives through mindset, movement, and nutrition.
Stimulated by a desire to genuinely help others thrive, and reach optimal health, performance, and longevity on top of a sturdy foundation.

Shaina Lambert

About: Shaina is the backbone to this organization. Involved in fitness since the age of 21, she provides women the knowledge and willpower to be their true self. She brings over a decade of experience in training to build muscle and lose weight. Shaina serves as the face of the industry along with the Marketing and Sales position to further expand the vision that SKLPTD Personal Training Studio has for the Santa Rosa Beach area.

Luke Hager

About: Luke is a certified exercise physiologist with a competitive academic and athletic background who grew up playing multiple sports throughout his childhood, teenage, and young adult years. His experience in both organized and recreational sport activities were a catalyst for influencing his interest in following a career path in the health fitness and wellness domain.

He is passionate about sharing which factors forge health and human function, and he lives by the motto that “health is wealth.” He believes in living a natural lifestyle in order to feel a vibrant and robust sense of well-being. In addition to giving nutrition advice and teaching exercise modalities, he is a crusader for raising awareness about the effects of different living environments and the impact that it can have on human quality of life.

He’s an advocate for connecting with nature’s networks, which provides optimal human function, instead of connecting to tech screen interface networks. He enjoys researching, learning, and staying up to date with current knowledge, wisdom, and perspectives of how to find or maintain fundamental function in the body, mind, and spirit.

JB Baker

About:  JB has been into sports his whole life, so it was natural for him to grow a love for fitness. He played football in college and got his Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology – “study of movement” – in December of 2022. He specializes in athletics as well as strength and conditioning. He has a passion for athletes who take their sport seriously and who love to work hard and have fun! He also has a passion for people who just want to get into shape, feel better about themselves, be able to run around, and do things with family and friends!

Beverly Kennedy

About: Beverly is a seasoned massage therapist, sound healer, and energy worker for over a decade. Beverly is dedicated to being a community leader encouraging others to believe in the natural healing abilities of the amazing human body. She is the host of our monthly Sound Journeys.

Jess Kisner

About:  Jess is a seasoned yoga instructor with a rich, 15-year journey in guiding individuals on their wellness paths. Having shared her expertise in various yoga studios across South Carolina and Florida, she stands as the proud founder and owner of Beach Yoga 30a for the past three years. Beyond her dedication to yoga, Jess has been a lifelong fitness enthusiast, exploring diverse realms such as dance, Zumba, and more. 

Off the mat, Jess finds joy in the company of her kids, gamiest, and friends. Her love for nature draws her to the beach where she revels in the serene connection it offers. With a heart tuned to music, Jess embodies a holistic approach to life, blending harmonies of movement, family, nature, and community. She is the host of our Heated Yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Nicci Brown

About: Nicci first got into the practice of yoga in 2011 to help heal from a hamstring tightness due to running. This is when she realized the true healing and strengthening nature of the practice. After practicing for years, she really began to notice the vast amount of things to learn within the yoga community. In 2017, she decided that she wanted to teach and share what she found with others. This led her to her 200-hour training from Sumits Yoga Memphis and then went on to receive her 300-hour training from Destin Yoga Academy. Ever since then, she has taught with the passion of sharing yoga to all who let her share. She finds the joy in teaching all levels from beginners to advanced, and all ages.  She truly believes in the healing power of yoga and the movement of the practice within the body. She is our private yoga instructor.

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